Notice Board

28th October Celebration and Parents’ Consultations

Dear parents,

On Saturday 21st October our school will celebrate the 28th October anniversary at St Marylebone 6th Form Centre, which is located approximately behind Waitrose, at 14 Blandford Street, W1U 4AZ. Parents of the pupils who will participate in the celebration (Reception classes, Y1, Y3, Y4, GCSE 1 and GCSE 2) are warmly invited to attend at 10.00am. All other pupils will be involved in classroom activities closely related to the OHI Day theme. All pupils are requested to be at school at 9.30am  and to wear white top/shirt and blue/black trousers/skirt. Parents’ consultations with the Form teachers will follow at approximately 11.30am and all parents are invited to attend.

You are also very welcome to attend the special service that will be held at St Sophia’s church on Sunday 29th October at 11.30am. Our school will be represented by the flag delegation and as many pupils would like to accompany the flag.

Second hand book and cakes sale

The Parents’ Association of our school invite all children to the event we organise on Saturday 7th October throughout the school day. The event will include a second hand book sale as well as a sale of cakes, cupcakes and biscuits.

In order for this event to happen and be successful we need your help. Please bring to school (Blandford Street) on the morning of Saturday any unwanted books in Greek as well as cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and other shop-bought or home-made sweets. We would also kindly ask you to give to your children a small amount of money in order to be able to buy the books and cakes. Any unsold cakes will be available for sale to the parents at the end of the day.

All proceeds will go towards the needs of our school.

Temporary change of venue

Please note on Saturday 7th October our school will not be housed at the main site of St Marylebone School but at St Marylebone 6th Form Centre, which is located approximately behind Waitrose, at 14 Blandford Street, W1U 4AZ. Classes will run as normal from 9.30am -1.15pm and parents will bring and pick their children up from the above address.

Blessing and late arrival

You are all welcome to the school’s blessing ceremony on Saturday 16th September at 9.30am. Father Theonas kindly requests everyone to be on time as the service needs to have finished by 10am at the latest. Please note that any delayed students will be admitted to school after the end of the ceremony.

We would also like to take this opportunity to stress that classes start at 9.30am. Arriving on time for the start of the lesson is very important for the smooth operation of our school as late arrival is very disruptive for the rest of the class. We would therefore like to let you know that students who arrive after 10.00am will have to wait until break time to be admitted to school.

Thank you for your cooperation.

New Headmistress Appointment

The Governors are very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Olga Fakatseli to the post of Headmistress, with effect from January 2018.

Dr Fakatseli joined the school in 2002 and became Deputy Head in 2011.  She has always impressed the Governors with her skills, hard work and commitment.  We firmly believe that Dr Fakatseli is the ideal person to lead the School over the coming years and look forward to working with her to ensure the continued improvement of St Sophia’s School.

Letter from the PTA

The PTA Committee would like to warmly thank all children, parents and volunteers who kindly supported the fundraising cake sale on Saturday 24th June.

The sale was a great success and the children enjoyed delicious homemade cakes and cupcakes on a glorious day which reminded us the Greek weather. We managed to collect £300 to fund prospective educational events similar to last Saturday’s music workshop which was partially funded by the PTA.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a lovely and relaxing Summer!

St Sophia’s School PTA

End of year fête and summer parties

We would like to warmly invite the parents of Nursery, Reception, Year 4 and A Level classes to our end of year fête, which will take place on Saturday 8th July at 10.30am at St Marylebone 6th Form Centre, 14 Blandford Street, W1U 4A. The remaining classes will hold summer parties in their classrooms. At the end of the day all pupils will receive their end of year certificates and the 17th  issue of our school magazine. Pupils need to arrive promptly (9.30am) at St Marylebone 6th Form Centre and will be collected from the above address at approximately 11.45am – 12.00pm.

We would also like to let you know that at the end of this term we will sadly say goodbye to some of our colleagues. Ms Evangelia Mouratoglou, nursery teacher,  Ms Marietta Kostourou,nursery teacher, Ms Marianna Diamantopoulou,nursery teacher, Ms Filothei Chalvatza, year 2 teacher, Ms Tania Pavlidou, teaching assistant,  Ms Evangelia Giamaiou, music teacher, and Ms Maria Tzima dance teacher, won’t be with us next year. We wish them all the best for the future, and every personal and professional success.