Admissions and Enrolment:

What are the admission requirements for enrolling students in St Sophia’s?

Students are eligible to start in the Nursery year in the September following their 4th birthday. Students entering the School in Year 2 and above will be assessed. The School will contact the parent with an assessment date.

How can I apply for admission to St Sophia’s?

You can apply via the School’s website. On payment of the registration fee, your child will be placed on a waiting list from which places are offered.

Is there an application deadline for admissions?

There is no deadline, but earliest possible registration is recommended.

What class will my child go into?

In the Junior School, students are placed strictly according to age, starting with 4 years olds in the Nursery. Students entering the Senior School may be placed in a class according to their ability.

Greek is not our home language; is this is a problem?

No. If a child starts at St Sophia’s in their early years, they will have no difficulty learning Greek.

We have just moved from Greece, is your School suitable for my child?

The School is open to all children regardless of origin, however the syllabus is geared to second or third generation Greek children living in London, and to children that have only one Greek parent.

How big is the School?

There are currently 330 students in the school, with an age range of 4 to 17.

Curriculum and Programs:

What extracurricular activities or programs are available for students?

We teach traditional Greek dances and songs within school hours.

How is homework approached within the School?

Teachers assign homework each week, which can be found in the homework booklet. Students are expected to hand in their homework by the following Saturday.

If my child does not want to take A-Levels but wishes to continue at Greek School, is this possible?

Students are not obliged to sit GCSE or A-Level exams, but they are welcome to attend the respective classes.

School Policies:

What are the School hours of attendance?

The School runs on Saturdays between 9:30am and 1.15pm.

Are the School’s term dates aligned with my child’s English School?

The School makes every effort to set its term dates in line with full-time English schools (including a half-term holiday), but there will be occasional variations due to the Greek festive calendar.

What is the policy regarding uniforms?

There is no school uniform, but students are expected to attend in clean and appropriate clothing. At school celebrations, students are expected to wear white shirt/blouse and blue/black trousers/skirt.

Does the School provide lunch?

The School does not provide any lunches or snacks. Parents should pack lunch or a snack. No fizzy or sugary drinks are allowed and kindly note that the School operates a nut-free policy.

What is the School’s policy on attendance and absences?

Students are expected to attend every Saturday. Absences should be communicated both with the School office and the student’s form teacher.

Support Services:

Is there support for students with learning differences or special needs?

As a once-a-week community School, we are unable to provide one to one support.

How do you settle unhappy or anxious children?

Our experienced teachers handle these cases with sensitivity and extra care.

Who do I see if my child is having a problem?

Please arrange a meeting with your class teacher.

How many Teaching Assistants are there within the School and how are they utilised?

All classes from Nursery to Year 2 have an assigned Teaching Assistant.

How do you support high achievers or strugglers?

We use differentiated instruction and scaffolding in our teaching approach.

Facilities and Resources:

How is technology integrated into the learning environment?

We enrich our students’ learning through the use of audio-visual materials and educational technology applications. Where appropriate, our older students can use their tablets or laptops to complete a project.

Are there opportunities for parental involvement or engagement in school activities?

Parents are encouraged to take part in our active PTA projects and events.

Fees and Financial Aid:

What are the tuition fees at St Sophia’s?

Current fees are displayed on our website. Fees are reviewed annually.

What do the fees cover? Will my child have to buy books?

The fees cover tuition and books. Students bring their own stationery as requested by their class teacher.

What is the payment schedule for fees?

Fees are payable termly, and are due before the first day of term. Parents have the option to pay the whole year in advance.

Does the School offer any financial aid or bursaries/scholarships?

The School does not offer academic scholarships, however bursaries are available. Please see the website for more details, where you will also find the bursary application form.

Safety and Security:

What safety measures are in place to ensure a secure environment for students?

You can find our Safeguarding Policy here

How does the School handle emergency situations or safety drills?

We follow the Pimlico Academy guidelines.

Communication and Contact:

How can parents or guardians communicate with teachers

Parents are welcome to email teachers or teaching assistants to arrange a meeting.

Is there a School newsletter or communication platform for updates and announcements?

The Headteacher’s newsletter is sent to parents each term. Our latest news can be found on our website.

What are the primary contact details for enquiries or further information?

Please email

Do teachers regularly email parents with updates?

Parents will only receive homework via email in case of absence.

How often the Schoolteachers send a progress report?

A final report is sent to parents towards the end of the school year. Two parents’ evenings are held during the year, one in the autumn term and one in the spring term.