If you wish to apply for a place at St Sophia’s School, you can only do so through the website. Please note that St Sophia’s is a Saturday School, between 9:30am and 1pm, term dates only. To create an account, go to Admissions Procedure.

Admissions Procedure

Children are eligible to start at St Sophia’s School in September following their fourth birthday and will be offered a place in the Nursery class.  Children who have had their fifth birthday will be offered a place in Reception if there is a place available. Students are usually admitted to the junior school in September, although there is a small January intake if places become available. GCSE and A-Level pupils can be admitted in the summer term also. Students entering the school in Year 2 and above will be subject to an informal assessment in order to ensure that the class they will enter is suitable for them. Applications for entry in September must be made up to the end of the previous March, although late submissions will be considered if there are places remaining.

St Sophia’s School is a very popular school, which admits children from a wide area. Parents who wish their children to attend the school should complete an online application form and pay the application fee of £20, which is non-refundable. When places are oversubscribed, children are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Parents are therefore strongly advised to apply for their child as early as possible, in order to place them on the waiting list from which places are subsequently offered. The Headmistress offers guided tours to prospective parents and pupils by prior arrangement.

In January prior to the beginning of the school year, when the child is expected to start at St Sophia’s school, parents will be informed by the Registrar whether they have been offered a place by email. Parents who would like to take up the offer of the place are asked to complete an online Registration Form together with a Medical record and pay a deposit of £250.  In the event of a student not taking up the offer of a place after the deposit has been paid, the school will retain a 30% administrative fee and will return the remainder to the parents.

Although the majority of children are admitted  to the Nursery or Reception classes, occasionally a place becomes available in other classes in which case a pupil may join the school at a higher level. In the junior school, age is the only determining factor in deciding where to place a pupil, while students joining the senior school (the two GCSE and two A-Level classes) are placed according to ability.

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