Notice Board

Happy Easter!

A very happy Easter to all our students and families! Egg hunt in the school playground by our Year 2 students!





25th March Celebration

What a wonderful celebration to commemorate the Greek War of Independence! Amazing recitals, excellent singing and dancing, an overall fantastic presentation! Well done to all!







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Well Done Orpheas!

Huge congratulations to our Y5 student Orpheas Gklavopoulos, who took part in the poetry competition “Alphabet Poets”, organised by the Greek Embassy in honour of the 2023 World Greek Day, and won the second prize and a return flight to Athens with his poem “Feelings”!  The winners were announced by the Greek ambassador, Mr I. Tsaoussis, on Saturday 18th March in a beautiful ceremony at the Hellenic Residency. Well done Orpheas, we are all so proud for you!!






140 years from the birth of Nikos Kazantzakis

A warm thank you to the Greek Library of London for their generous offer of free tickets to the wonderful event  “140 years from the birth of Nikos Kazantzakis” in honour of our greatest author Nikos Kazantzakis. The event took place on Saturday 18th March and our A level students who attended found it exceptionally interesting and informative and very much enjoyed all the presentations!

Mrs Lent

What do you know about Mrs Lent? Thank you to Y1B children who enlightened us about this beautiful Greek tradition.



International Greek Language Day

On 9th February each year we observe the International Greek Language Day, a day to celebrate the wealth of our beautiful language and its contribution to the world heritage. And what a better way to celebrate at school than asking students why they learn Greek! A big thank you to Y5 and Y6 students for such an inspiring presentation.


At the doctor’s

What an entertaining improvised theatre skit by our Y4 students, inspired by a lesson on health and personal hygiene. Well done to all, students and teachers! We are so lucky to have such a talented artistic bunch of students in our school community!










Three Hierarchs Day

On Saturday 28th January our school celebrated the Three Hierarchs Day. The children welcomed to school our beloved father Theonas and we all attended a special assembly where we learnt about the life and works of the patron saints of education. Well done to the GCSE students for their interesting presentations.