Notice Board

New Year’s Cake winners!

It was fantastic to have so many New Year’s Cake lucky winners to get their lucky charms on Saturday and it was such a pleasure to hear such beautiful recounts of their Christmas holidays by Y1B pupils.

And you, what do you do to help the environment?

A big thank you to our Y4 children for their informative presentation about the benefits of recycling. We will definitely follow their advice!

And a warm welcome to Mrs C. Caroussis, Chair of our school’s Governing Body, who visited our school on Saturday and attended our assembly and part of our rehearsals for our Christmas celebrations!

Athens Polytechnic Uprising 1973

On Saturday we honoured Athens Polytechnic Uprising with a moving presentation by our GCSE and A level students. A historic date we should never forget!




28th October Celebration

On Saturday 23rd October our school will honour the 28th of October anniversary. Parents of the pupils who will participate in the celebration (Reception classes, Y1, Y3, Y4, GCSE 1 and GCSE 2) are warmly invited to attend at 10:00am. Our celebration will take place at our school theatre and the use of face coverings by parents is mandatory inside the theatre. Pupils who do not take part in the celebration will be involved in classroom activities closely related to the OHI Day theme. All pupils are requested to be at school at 9:30am and to wear white top/shirt and blue/black trousers/skirt. Parents’ consultations with the Form teachers will follow at approximately 11:30am. All students will finish school at 11:30am on that day.

Blessing Ceremony!

On Saturday 9th October we held our annual blessing ceremony followed by a very special presentation about autumn by our Reception pupils. Once again we would like to wish all our students and their families a very happy school year!