Notice Board

GCSE Results

Another day of celebrations for our school! All our students achieved top grades in their recent GCSE exams. Huge congratulations to all!!



A Level Results

Huge congratulations to our A Level students who all achieved A* despite the general drop in top grades in all subjects. Well done and enjoy the well deserved celebrations!

Summer Fête

Dear Parents,

Saturday 9th July marks the last day of the school year and we will hold our summer fête at 10am.

Due to the limited space, we are not able to invite all the parents to our fête, but only the parents of the classes that have the largest participation this year, in particular Reception, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 and A Level. The remaining classes will hold summer parties in their classrooms and join in the fête with one song per class/year. If any of the parents of the students in these classes wish to watch the celebration, they are asked to watch standing at the back of the theater.

Please note that school will finish at around 11:30 am.

Thank you.

Summer Fair

What a fabulous summer fair we all enjoyed last Saturday. The sun was out and the hot dogs delicious. A big thank you to our fantastic PTA!

Hercules’ labours

Hercules himself, along with his classmates in Y1B spoke to us about his amazing labours!  And what a wonderful board game about Hercules’ labours they made! We can’t wait to play with it!



Happy Easter!

A very happy Easter to all our students and their families! Our school will resume on Saturday 30th April at 9.30am.


25th March Celebration

A beautiful celebration to honour the anniversary of 25th  March 1821 in the presence of the Ambassador of Greece to the United Kingdom, Mr. Ioannis Raptakis. And some beautiful crafts by our Y1A children.