Notice Board

28th October celebrations

Many small celebrations in each class in honour of a big national holiday. Please have a look below to get a taste of how our school celebrated the 28th October.

We wish everyone a relaxed half term break and we look forward to welcoming our students back to school on Saturday 7th November.




Blessing Ceremony

It might be a different year which does not allow us to hold a typical blessing ceremony yet Father Theonas paid our school a visit last Saturday and made sure that this established tradition is not lost. A very happy school year to all!






Microsoft Teams Training

A big thank you to our colleague Mr Dimitrios Vogiatzis for the Microsoft Teams training session he organised and delivered to our teaching staff!

New Start Date

We are happy to announce that our school will resume on Saturday 19th September at a new venue. More information to follow soon!

Happy Summer!

On Saturday it was the last day of the school year.  We may not have celebrated the end of year in the traditional way with the end of year fête, however the senior school managed to put together a very last minute live celebration. Those who attended were fortunate to listen to some beautiful poems by GCSE and A Level students and to enjoy some lovely songs by our music teacher Ms Georgia Kalogeropoulou and our host musician Mr Vangelis Sfyris.  To get  a taste of this unofficial event please watch the uploaded clips here.

We would like to thank you all for your support during this difficult period and to wish everyone a safe and relaxed summer break. We look forward to welcoming our students back to school on Saturday 12th September at 09:30am.

Saturday 30th May – Half Term

Well done to all our students for completing a whole term of home learning. It’s our half term on Saturday 30th May so there will be no live lessons nor home learning packs will be sent. We wish you all a very happy break!