Huge congratulations to the following Year 5 and Year 6 students for such a wonderful performance last night at the Hellenic Centre:

Irini Christoyannis, Evridiki Dinas, Myrsini Ferguson, Christos Kamperis, Theodoros Katsaris, Eric Alexander King, Myrto Magoulas, Phaedon Markou, Stella Mettis, Angelina Mittelmaier, Sophia Pantazopoulos, Katerina Papadakou, Sofia Paparistodemou, Athina Paseau, Leo Toptsis, Dimitris Tsouroplis, Melina Tsouroplis, Panayiotis Vasiliou.

You were all amazing and there were quite a few wet eyes in the crowd! Well done!

A big thank you to our children, our music teacher Ms Georgia Kalogeropoulou, the Year 5 and year 6 teachers Mr V. Sakkos, Mr D. Vogiatzis and Mr E. Lantzas and all the parents and teachers who attended last night honouring our school and making everyone proud once again!