GCSE and A Level award ceremony

Congratulations to all our remarkable GCSE and A-level students for their outstanding achievements! Your dedication and hard work have truly paid off. Well done on this incredible milestone!

Athens Polytechnic Uprising

On Saturday 11th November we observed the anniversary of the Athens Polytechnic Uprising  with profound respect and remembrance. Through a moving assembly led by our A Level and GCSE students our school community paid tribute to the brave individuals who stood against oppression and sacrificed for the ideals of democracy.

This commemoration served as an opportunity for our school to emphasize the importance of civic engagement, critical thinking, and the enduring values of democracy and freedom. It was also a reminder to our students of the power of unity and activism in shaping a just and equitable society.







Happy Birthday!

Did you know that in our school assemblies, we make sure to celebrate our students’ special day with a big “Happy Birthday” song in Greek? 🎈🎶 Cherished memories that last a lifetime!

Thank you Argyro Pipini!

Our heartfelt thanks to the multi-awarded and talented children’s author, Argyro Pipini, for gracing us with her presence and sharing her wonderful stories last Saturday! And thank you to the Greek Library of London and the newly established Greek Children’s Library for their effort and support in making these events possible!